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Ilian galan
via Google

My son started classes a little less than a year ago at Tai Kai and we couldn’t be happier. It’s a very welcoming environment by both the instructors and the other families that attend. My son highly enjoys the classes and the instructors are great with the children. They are patient, understanding and work one on one with them. Not only do they teach jiu jitsu but they also teach them to respect themselves and others and they teach the children a life skill every week. Tai Kai is highly recommend!

Matt Thomas
via Google

I love this place. I take Jiu Jitsu classes and boxing. Very clean place. Showers and lockeroom facilities. Beginner friendly and also has hardcore competitors. The instructors are great I wish I started training sooner:) recently I have been doing Muay Thai and love it.

Matthew Reale
via Google

I have loved my time (2+ months) with Tai Kai. Every class feels like I am getting a wealth of knowledge and all of the instructors do a great job. All of the others students in the class assist in the learning process and are friendly. It seems like everyone there is always there to help you and they have cultivated a great environment. If you’re looking to get into Jiu Jitsu, Tai Kai is the place to do it.

Aaron O'Connor
via Google

I have been attending the Tai Kai school for about two months now and have enjoyed every single class I've attended. Splitting my time between Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Tai, I have learned an abundance of personal protection skills.

The environment is fantastic as all students are eager to learn and help one another succeed. The instructors are very attentive and encourage the progression of new students.

I would recommend this to anyone seeking martial arts training.

Bret Whaley
via Google

Tai Kai is more than just another martial arts gym. It is a welcoming community of individuals with the common goal of becoming better than they already are and having fun while doing so. I joined about a month ago and already feel accepted as part of the family. I highly recommend anyone looking to start their journey into Brazilian Ju Jitsu to first visit Ken at Tai Kai to see what it's all about

via Google

After doing my research looking for a good kid’s program and speaking with a couple of BJJ instructors I came across Tai Kai and signed up my kid. I found the staff to be very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I also found it to be very welcoming not just the staff but the students as well. As a matter of fact, after watching my kid there for a month I liked what I saw so much I signed myself up as well.

Justin Sinclair
via Google

Everyone here at Tai Kai is great. Whether it’s Ken, or many of his other Black belts teaching, or the fellow students. As someone who is not a regular to this school and was traveling and visiting from another school, I was welcomed very openly as though i belonged there. This certainly speaks to the Jiu Jitsu community but more poignantly to this being a great school.

If you’re considering training for the first time, please do not feel intimidated. The school and community is like an extended family.

Miranda Fowler
via Google

I’ve been coming here for over 9 yrs and can’t say enough good things. This place is the best place to train. Top of the line instructors and everyone is so friendly and welcoming. This place is like a second home to me. My whole family trains here and I can not imagine training anywhere else!

Carlos Gillette
via Google

I love it here. Been training here for 5 years. I initially started with Jiu Jitsu but I also now do Muay Thai and Boxing. great place.They got all kinds of classes here. Huge facility, clean, friendly instructors, and beautiful locker room facilities. Whether you are brand new or experienced they have a class for you. The instructors are so patient. Highly recommended. I wish I started sooner.:) update. I’ve started kickboxing and my son is training here too.

luigi pascarella
via Google

Tai kai brings me some of my best experiences, between learning multiple forms of martial arts such as muay thai which is what I train in mainly at the moment and all of the amazing people there with so many positive vibes, it's fantastic. Makes me feel great just being there and better after a good training and workout. I suggest tai kai to all of my friends, family and co-workers. I've trained there for a couple of years now and I plan on making tai kai part of the rest of my life.

Joshua Howard
via Google

Wonderful environment for the kids, my son loves coming here, very supportive instructors

Jacob Awan
via Google

The atmosphere of Tai Kai is welcoming, encouraging, and teaches extremally practical applications of BJJ, self defense and other martial arts, for beginners and advanced students. I highly recommend Tai Kai to anyone looking to build confidence, learn real self defense, get in shape, and enter a great community.

Joe Sarcone
via Google

Was up from Long Island visiting a friend and he brought me to Tai Kai to roll with his crew. Great bunch of guys, solid no gi class with a great mix of skilled athletes. Everyone was respectful, mats were clean, I even brought my son to roll with the kids class which also had great structure and drilling for the kids. Will definitely be back to train when I visit. I highly recommend this gym to anyone looking, Ken and his crew were great hosts!

Patrick O'Brien
via Google

I have been attending classes at Tai Kai for a couple of months now, and it is a fantastic gym. There are large classes with many rolling partners, but the classes don’t suffer in quality. The instructors still give plenty of individual attention to all of the students, especially newer students. They make sure to foster a very supportive atmosphere for newer people, while providing the opportunity for lots of growth for more experienced BJJ players. Most of the classes I have attended have had roughly 4-6 black belts, as well as many brown and purple belts. The higher belts will roll with you and teach you without hesitation. It is a great community.

Rich Strub
via Google

Great space, lots of knowledge and helpful instructors, and students!

Jenelle King
via Google

Started here several months ago and it's been an extremely welcoming experience! I've seen the instructors with the kids group too and they are phenomenal with the kids! I was pleasantly surprised by the number of females/girls in the classes.

Jaysin coffin
via Google

Absolutely love it here.

Dominic Taddeo
via Google

First time in the Syracuse area for a work trip and have been training just over a year, did a little research ahead of time and Tai Kai was by far the best option for me. It was 8 minutes from my hotel and the professor reached out to me ahead of time and invited me for a free class and met me upon arrival. Great instruction & everyone I rolled with was friendly and respectful, super happy to have found this spot while I was here in the area.

Emina Mesanovic
via Google

Great place to join,
My children love it ♥️

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