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Tai Kai Purple Belt Requirements









Purple Belt Test
Self Defense
Demonstrate 10-15 Gracie Self Defense Moves
Demonstrate Guard work against punches
Demonstrate 10 Takedowns (Should include shots and throws)
Demonstrate Proper Guard Pulling to sweeps
Demonstrate 5 Mount Escapes
Demonstrate 4 Side Escapes Plus at least 1 way to escape  Modified Scarfhold(under armpit) and Reverse Scarfhold
Demonstrate 3 Downed Headlock Escapes
Demonstrate 2 Back Escapes
Demonstrate Submission Escapes from: RNC, Kimura, Armbar, Triangle Choke, Guillotine, Footlock, and Heelhook
Guard Passes
Demonstrate 5 Closed Guard Passes
Demonstrate 3 Half Guard Passes
Demonstrate 3 Butterfly Passes
Demonstrate 8-10 Closed Guard Sweeps (This should include multiple sweeps for when the opponent stands)
Demonstrate 3-5 Half Guard Sweeps
Demonstrate 3-5 Butterfly Sweeps
Be prepared to Demonstrate Knowledge of one or more of the many specialty guards of your choice (Spider, Rubber, X, Single X, De La Riva, Reverse De La Riva, Berimbolo, Deep Half, Octopus, Etc.)
Guard:  Triangle, Armbar, Omoplata, Telephone, Kimura, Palm Up/Palm Up Choke, Palm Up/Palm Down Choke, Guillotine, and demonstrate how to chain these together and/or set them up
Mount:  Americana, Armbar, Triangle, Head and Arm (triangle), Palm Up/Palm Up choke, Palm Up/Palm Down Choke, Telephone and demonstrate how to chain these together
Side:  Americana, Kimura, Armbar, Howdy Choke, Baseball Choke (Demonstrate these from Knee on Belly too)
Back:  RNC, Armbar, Lapel Chokes, Bow and Arrow
Leg Locks:  Straight (Achilles) Lock, Heel Hook, Knee Bar
The final phase of the test will be grappling for 45 minutes with all of your peers