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Your BJJ Guide to ‘Open Mat’

Guide to Open Mat

Welcome to the second half of your BJJ class, Open Mat! Open Mat (usually) begins after the instructor has taught a one-hour class. All belt levels are welcome to grapple without instruction, and with submissions. A pre-determined round time (ex. 5 minutes) will be set on the clock, along with a rest time (ex. 45 seconds) in between rounds. Grappling partners are chosen by you, please enjoy your experience!

Common names for practicing BJJ with a partner outside of class:
open mat, randori, live sparing, rolling & grappling

Plan Ahead for optimal success:

How many days this week will I go to open mat?

How many rounds will I roll?

How long is each round?

How long is each break?

What is the total amount of time training?
Ex. This week I will go to _______open mats, I will roll _____Rounds for _____Minutes each.

The longer you train in BJJ the higher the numbers start to climb.
*Class is instruction time. Grappling during open mat is practice of the instruction.


Light Stretch, Warm Up Round

Cool Down Round, Hydrate, Deep Stretch, Foam Roll
*Record training in your BJJ Notebook.
Must Haves:

Clean Kimono
Flip Flops (to be worn inside only)
Hydration & Snacks
BJJ Notebook
Aid – Athletic tape, etc.
Hygiene Products – deodorant, etc.
Extra – hair rubber bands, etc.


Slap, Bump & Roll!

JIU JITSU is easy as 123 ?

Off balance opponent, Break posture
Get to dominant position, Secure position
Submission by joint lock or choke

Once your opponent applies a joint lock/choke you ‘tap’ to let your partner know to immediately stop applying pressure. A physical tap of the hand to your opponent’s body signifies a stop.
4 Main Positions :
Side Control
Belt Rank Guide:

0 White Belt
1 Yellow
2 Orange
3 Green
Blue Belt
Purple Belt
Brown Belt
Black Belt
How do I measure progress?
** Consistency & Time on the Mat (grappling) = PROGRESS! **

Lower Belt:
Ability to avoid submissions from opponent. Ability to achieve dominant position on opponent. Ability to submit opponent.

Same Belt Rank:
These are your peers. Enjoy healthy competition. AVOID comparison.

Upper Belt:
Relax, have fun!