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TRX Training for BJJ: A BJJ Conditioning Video by Jason C. Brown and Tim Hart…”

I’ve been a fan of suspension training for many years. Suspension training offers up some unique exercise variations for BJJ.

One of my favorite exercises and combinations is what I like to call the “TRX Triple Threat.” It consist of 3 distinct exercises that address 3 functions of your hamstring and glutes.

* Knee Flexion (hamstrings only,mostly)
* Hip Extension(hamstrings and glutes, plus some others that I don’t talk about in this video.)
* Stabilizing your knee while extending through the hip, or in BJJ terms, keeping your opponent locked down while finishing your arm-lock.

In the BJJ conditioning video below I highlight different TRX exercises for BJJ.

* The leg curl
* The Hip Press
* The Straight Leg Hip Press

Once you’ve learned all three, try putting them together into one long set. 12 reps of each TRX exercise. 3 sets should be fine.

Be sure to watch the entire video as I relate these TRX exercises to BJJ moves as well.