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Tai Kai will Miss BJJ Black Belt Dan Covel

Tai Kai BJJ Black Belt and Instructor Dan Covel is starting a new chapter in his life. He is moving to New York City to pursue a job in Respiratory Therapy. We are happy on his new career but everyone at Tai Kai will miss Dan. Tai Kai’s loss will be Marcelo Garcia Academy’s gain. He will be training there. Dan has been around Tai Kai forever. He first started training in Judo, and then with Len Sonia when he lived in Utica, and then with Tai Kai and Len Sonia for the past few years. I can remember when Dan hated the GI. Its funny to actually think about those times. He would never train with the GI. Those that roll with him now with the GI will find that unbelievable because he is a technical wizard with the GI. Dan is one of the most well rounded martial artists here. He can punch, kick, wrestle, and sick Jiu-Jitsu. He is one of the quickest developing students and fighters at Tai Kai. He got good fast. We will all miss him here. Good Luck in NYC Dan!