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TAI-KAI REFERRAL CONTEST!!! (“How to refer a friend”)











We are running a 3-month Referral Contest at Tai-Kai.  It’s really simple:  when you refer a friend to Tai-Kai and they enroll into our program…YOU WIN AWESOME PRIZES!  Here’s the best way’s to refer someone to Tai-Kai:

1.  Grab a FREE pass at the front desk the next time you visit Tai-Kai.  They’re good for two free classes.

2.  Bring a guest to class!  Pick a class:  BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Judo, Yoga, JKD or Boxing.

3.  Post these links of Facebook or send to friends: BJJ / MMA / Muay Thai / Boxing / JKD FREE Class click here Fitness Kickboxing or Yoga FREE Class click here

4.  Trickery!  Tell your friend you’re taking them to the gym to train and secretly go to Tai-Kai instead for an awesome class!