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Tai-Kai New Year’s Tips for SUCCESS!

Pencil Yourself In for class – schedule your week of training ahead of time.  Create a date with yourself, have some me time.
Make it a habit – the more you train the better you feel and the better you get.  Classes 7 days a Week!


Get enough rest.  Be sure you are getting extra rest on the day’s you train.  Martial Arts training demands a lot from out bodies so it is imperative to get enough sleep every night.


Diet / Nutrition
Hydration – get plenty of fluid on the days you’re training!
Eat to Fuel your Workout
Add Fiber to your diet
Eat Unprocessed food
Add more veggies


Lifestyle Support System – Tai-Kai is like one big family.  Reach out to a teammate and schedule a
time to attend class together.
Schedule a meet up to drill / grapple or flow!  Facebook a teammate for an open mat meet up.
Always stay after Classes try to stay for open mat.  This is a time to train / make friends and build a social network of training partners!


Mix It Up
Plateau no more!
Tai-Kai is like a big buffet!  So sample the buffet and try something new.  We offer: yoga, muay thai, BJJ, MMA, JKD, boxing, open mat and private lessons!


Morning Stretches – Start your day with a morning stretch.
Nightly stretches – End your day with an evening stretch.    Your body will reward you when you stretch!


Avoid Injury
Probiotics and Supplements
Ice / Recovery / Epsom Salt Bath
Warm Up and Cool Down Stretches
Dress For It
Favorite Gloves or Gi
Get your laundry for the week clean so you DON’T miss class!
Keep your clothes by your bed, keep your bag in the car!


Make your time count!
Invest in a notebook and take notes after every class.
Set 3 specific goals that you can easily reach. Instead of adding more time to your workout add intensity to your training. Sneak in 10 push ups before and after your exercise!  That little extra bit of training goes a long way towards reaching your goals>


Do some form of training everyday for 30 minutes!
If you can’t make it to class, or it’s not a training day aim for mental reps. Set the timer for a half hour at home workout. Here’s the deal, if you’re going to get something, you’ll need to give first. Consistency will add up…