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Tai Kai Kid’s Belt Ceremony a Success 11/19/11: See Video and Pictures Below

The Kid’s Belt Ceremony was a great success. We had refreshments and Coffee for parents and kids. Well no coffee for kids. LOL. We had about 60 kids either getting new belts or stripes to their current belts. The place was packed. We had parents on the mat and where ever they could fit in. The younger kids got to grapple their parents, which was a surprise to some parents. The older kids grappled each other. Everyone looked focused and awesome. Thank you to the parents and students for coming in to support this event. I also want to thank Mike Bidwell, Dennis Sugrue, Ray Newkirk, Joe Roach, Anthony Johnston, and Brandon Ashby for all coming in to help and make the Belt Ceremony a great success. See the pictures and Videos below.