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Tai Kai Kid’s Belt Ceremony a Huge Success 3/4/2018-Pictures and Video included





Tai Kai had it’s most recent belt test/ceremony for it’s youth students. We had over 70 kids and their families show up.  The place was packed.  Thank you to all the families and all the students who came to help(including coaches, helpers, food, camera and video) You guys are great. There was so much positive and exciting energy in the school.  After bowing in, warming up, and stretching; each of the students got to demonstrate some techniques with their age group and belt level according to their skill. The advanced kids got to demonstrate some high level techniques, including a  lot of awesome standup self defense. Then each student go to grapple with their parent or another adult.   Each student was awarded their belt individually and then we took a group picture. The ceremony lasted for about an hour and half.  All I got to say is you Tai Kai Kids are awesome. Take a look at the pic and the video below.

Congratulations to all the kids that were promoted yesterday! Great school, great bunch of kids and great parents!

Posted by Jim Kearns on Sunday, March 4, 2018