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Tai Kai Goes Undefeated at AFA in Watertown

Congrats to Team Tai-Kai in AFA , Watertown 12/1/12. Tai Kai went undefeated in these Amateur MMA fights. Marc Stevens did a great job with the whole event.

Fight 1:


Bryce Tallini dominated this fight with takedowns and control from the mount. He did a lot of damage in round 1 with punches from the mount and almost pulled off a flying triangle when the bell rang. In round 2, Bryce got the takedown into the mount. Bryce punched from the mount and got an armbar from the mount for the win

Fight #2:

Doug “smooth” Miller dominated this fight with takedowns and attacks from the mount. He punished his opponent with punches from the mount. The cage had blood all over. In the end Doug won a one sided Unanimous Decision,

Fight #3:

Dustin Whalen was there ready to fight. His opponent arrived late and literally got one look at Dustin and literally left out of the back door. Dustin will fight in the next event in Liverpool. We will try and hide Dustin next time. LOL

Fight #4:

Next up was Big Ed Abrasley. Ed had a war. Both fighters hurt eachother with punches on the feet and on the ground. Ed showed more heart than any fighter I have seen. Ed almost had a choke early on. He almost had a side choke in the 3rd also. Ed overcame being hurt in the 2nd round to get the takedown get the mount and start attacking with punches from the mount. Ed eventually got the back and the tapout from the Rear Naked Choke. Great Job Ed.

Also Big congrats to Cody Plotner. Cody trains at CNYMMA and also cross trains in Oswego and comes down to Tai Kai in Liverpool. He controlled his fight with takedowns and punches from the mount forcing the ref to stop the fight. Cody won the title. I was very impressed with Cody, keep up the good work with him CNYMMA