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Tai-Kai Goes 7-0- February 23, 2013 Pics, Video, and Write up


These fights were at AFA show at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool. Put on by Marc Stevens.

1) Bryce Tallini


Bryce came out with some good takedowns. He almost finished it in Round 1 with a triangle choke. He finished it in round 2 with a rear naked choke,

2) Stephen Elsenbeck

Steve showed again how much heart he has. He got a few takedowns and was kicked in the head twice and recovered and came back to win with one of the deepest armbars I have ever seen

3) Saboor Coleman

Saboor fought the strategy we had for him to a T. Poweful Takedowns and awesome Ground and Pound. That first takedown I thought ended it right there. Saboor won a Unanimous Decision


4) Doug “smooth” Miller


Doug dominated this fight from the beginning. His opponent was very good at escapes and Doug kept attacking. Doug Eventually got the Rear Naked Choke in the 3rd round


5) Dustin Whalen


Dustin used an aggressive style and Dirty Boxing to back his opponent up against the cage. He unleashed a Barrage of punches with his opponent not defending or fighting back. He got the TKO in round 1 for the win and the belt.


6) Ed Abrasley


Ed came out striking. He then took his opponent down and went for a head and arm choke. He then mounted his opponent and delivered strikes and transitioned into an armbar for the win and the belt.

7) Shane Manley

Shane won a pro fight in MA beating hometown favorite Joe Lauzon’s student winning all 3 rounds.