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Tai Kai- Buffalo Grappling Industries Results 1/20/2018










Congrats to everyone that competed. Here are the full results

Jason Ryerson    Gi Master Male White Belt 210 – 230: 2nd Place

No Gi Beginner Male Adult 210 – 230: 2nd Place

Adam Groesbeck      Gi Adult Male White Belt 185: 4th place

No Gi Adult Male White Belt 185 : 4th place

Dan Laraby                Gi Adult Male Blue under 135- 3rd place

Allison Laraby               Gi Adult Female Blue under 120- 3rd place

Ed Abrasley                           No GI  adult absolute 1st place

Jason Iorio                           Gi Master Male Blue 155 – 1st place                  

No GI  intermediate master male male 155-1st place

Tyler Lalonde                      kids’ gi 8-9 yr white belt 55-65lbs, 3rd place
No gi 8-9 yr 55-65lbs beginner, 3rd place

Noah  Lalonde                      kids’ gi 6-7 yr white belt under 45lbs, 2nd place
No gi 6-7 yr under 45lbs beginner, 2nd place

Ryan Fish                              1st mens Gi white belt 230+,

2nd men’s intermediate no gi 230+

Stevie Angelinio                     Gi adult female white belt under 150 – 1st Place

Anthony Carella                            3rd place adult blue belt  GI