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Tai-Kai Brings home 28 medals!


Congratulations to everyone from Tai-Kai who competed in the US Grappling, Submission Only tournament on May 17th, 2014 in Rochester NY.  This tournament was very different than most BJJ and grappling tournaments as there were no points or time limits!  You could only win one way…via submission!  This made for some long, interesting matches.  The great part about the “submission only” concept is that there leaves zero doubt about who won a match.  You either got tapped out or you didn’t.  There are no points…no advantages…no judges decisions…just submissions.

Highlights from the tournament:

  • Big Ed Abrasely dominated just about every single match, even submitting a seasoned black belt in the absolute division.  Ed won 1st in the Absolute no gi,  1st in advanced heavy (gi), 2nd in the blue belt absolute (closing it out with Shawn Champa and Matt Irland)
  • A lot of credit can be given to Crazy Mike Mucitelli for returning to his BJJ competition roots and doing an amazing job pushing through some long, tough battles to secure the wins.  Mike won 1st in the purple belt heavy gi, purple belt absolute and closed out the advanced no-gi super heavyweight with Ed Abrasely).
  • The match of the day has to go to Melissa House.  She just started BJJ two months ago, coming from the kickboxing program.  Melissa fought a 35 minute battle in the beginners, absolute gi division.  The match was a nail biter with both girls getting dominating positions on each other. In the final ten minutes Melissa secured the mount where she was able to pass her partners gi lapel across her face to create enough of a reaction to transition to a beautiful arm-bar submission win!  Melissa won 1st in the gi absolute and 1st in the no gi heavyweight.


No Gi Results:  Adv. Absolute (no gi) – 1st Ed Abrasely, Adv. 215 + 1st Ed Abrasely / Mike Mucitelli (close out), Beg. Absolute (no gi) – 1st Tom Barnes, Beg. 1st (no gi) Tom Barnes, Beg. Absolute (females no gi) – 1st Melissa House, 30+ No Gi – 1st Matt Irland, Intermediate 215+ (no gi) – 1st Matt Irland

Gi Results:  Brown belt Absolute – 1st Chris Roach, Purple belt Absolute – 1st Crazy Mike Mucitelli, Purple belt 215+ Crazy Mike Mucitelli, Blue belt Absolute – 1st Shawn Champa (close out) 2nd Ed Abrasely – 3rd Matt Irland, White belt females – 1st Melissa House, 30+ Blue belt – 1st Jim Jordan, White belt – 2nd Tom Barnes.

Kid’s Results:  Damiana Racciatti 2nd / 2nd place, Naiture Saffold 2nd / 3rd place, Ausin Herrera 1st / 1st place, Ty Demoya 2nd place, Carter Rowley 3rd place / 2nd place, Will Burnell 2nd place, Jayme Jackson -1st place teens.

Medal Count: 28 total medals

First Place – 15 medals, Second Place – 8 medals, 3rd place – 5 medals.