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Tai Kai Blue Belt Requirements/ Purple Belt will be Posted Tomorrow


Blue Belt Requirements








Ukemi-Rolls & Falls

Rolls (Front/Back) Falls (Back, Side, Front, Rolling)

Basic Movements/Positions

Base, Shrimp, Bridge, Bridge to Knees, Guard Replacement Roll (Granby Roll)
Mount control (swim, “spiderhands”, Modified mount, take the back, remount)
Guard control (Guard swim, Under/Over hooks, armdrag, take back, punch block series)
Side control (Standard, Kesa, 500 Kilos, Reverse Kesa, Knee on Belly, North South)
Clinch Control (Pummel) Gripfighting (Hand/wrist control, armdrag, 2 on 1)
Back Control (Take the back, Hooks, Seatbelt, Side/side, Flattening out, Remount)

Self Defense

Standing up Properly (“Masters Lift”)
Front Bear Hug (Arms Over)
Double Leg Defense (Knee & Guillotine)
Front Bear Hug (Arms Under)
Standing Headlock (Bent F & B)
Standing Headlock
Standing Guillotine (Takedown&Sit)
Standing Rear Choke
Defense Against Right Hook
Standing Rear Choke (Posture Broke Back)
Wrist Grab (Palm Up & Palm Down)
2 Handed Front Choke (Basic & Throw)
2 Handed Wrist Grab
Single Lapel Grab (To Back)
Double Lapel Grab (Hands Together)
Shoulder Grab (Bent & Straight)
Rear Bear Hug (Arms In)
1 Hand Throat Grab (Armlock)
Rear Bear Hug (Arms Out)
Double Lapel Grab (Hands Apart)
Guard Pull
Punch Block Series (1-5)


Mount Escapes

Upa Upa (Hand on throat)
Upa (Arm Under Head or In Collar)

Shrimp/Elbow Escape
Foot Over/Foot Under Shrimp Escape

Knees In/Butterfly

Side Escapes

Shrimp Go to Knees (Single Leg)
Shrimp to Butterfly Spin

Headlock Escapes(Ground)

Frame Escape (Leg Over)

Hooks Escape
Bridge and Roll To Knees

Back Escape

The Basic Pass

the Arm Over
Wrong-Side Bridge and Elbow Push

Opponents Feet Crossed

Knee on Belly

Hip Push and Shrimp to Ankle Pick

Ankle Push to Half Guard

Submission (Escapes)

Guard Arm Bar (Stack)

Top Arm Bar (Running Escape)
Guard Guillotine (Head down Butt up)

Triangle (Bully Escape & Technical)

Guard Passes

Closed Guard

Double Underhook

Over/Under Pass
Single Under (Standing)
(Combat Passes) Knee Slide Pass

Half Guard

101 (Mount and Side)

World’s Pass

Butterfly Guard

Basic Butterfly Pass


Scissor Sweep Scissor W/Knee Push
Hip Heist Flower
Butterfly/Hook (Elevator)

Guard-Opponent Stands

Double Ankle

Hook Sweep

Tripod Sweep
Sickle Sweep

Push Sweep(double Ankle with feet in hips)

Half Guard

Guard Replacement
Take The back from half Guard
Put in one hook butterfly sweep


Rear Takedown(Sit and Roll)

Osoto Gari
Body Fold

Single Leg (Run the Pipe)
Double Leg (Leg Trip/Cut the Corner)

Inside Leg Trip

Hip Toss Arm Throw/ Seoi nage
Guard Pull/Sweep

Leg Hook Takedown



Collar Choke Palm Up/ Palm Up Collar Choke Palm Up/ Palm Down

Arm Triangle


Telephone(inverted) Armbar
Omoplata Transition from Armbar/Triangle/Omoplata


Standard Armbar

Collar Choke Palm Up/Palm Down

S-Mount to Armbar
Collar Choke Palm Up/ Palm Up


Side Control

Kimura Armbar
Americana Straight Armlock
Arm Triangle


Rear Naked Choke
Sliding Collar Choke
Single Wing Choke

You will also be expected to grapple your peers for at least 30 minutes