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Tai Kai Belt Ceremony a Huge Success 5/25/13


Tai Kai Belt Ceremony was a huge success. We had people from Tai Kai, Jiu-Jitsu Nation, Dojo-1 , CNYMMA, and Oneonta BJJ. We had current Pro MMA fighters Mike Mucitelli(Bellator), Marc Stevens(Bellator, TUF, Ring Of Combat), Tamdan McCrory(UFC), and our newest PRO ED Abrasley in attendance getting stripes. There was over 80 people in active attendance ,not including the spectators. Professor Steve Overend warmed the group up while Professor Dennis Sugrue did a great Yoga Stretch. First drill of the day was some guard submission, passes, and sweeps demo by all stripes and new belts. We then went into Mount attacks, Mount escapes, Side Control Attacks, and Side Control Escapes. These were done as a drill so it was non stop. I then demonstrated a Triangle Choke from the mount using a new idea. The video will be available later. Then all the new Blue Belts, Purple, and Brown had to demonstrate self defense with all the people on the wall putting them in situations. Dennis Sugure and Steve Overend than did a 3 minute DEMO of self defense techniques with some huge throws. Next up was the training. Every bit of mat space was used up. In the end Ben Tallini had to grapple an hour straight with different partners every minute and half. All and All it was a great day and reminded me how much I love Tai-Kai because of the family atmosphere and loyalty among students and instructors.

New Brown Belt- Ben Tallini
New Purple Belt- Jerry Reed
New Blue Belts- Sabra Giegler, John Meckley, James Rodriguez, and Brad Setter

There was over 65 stripes given and I will have a complete list later. Some notable stripes were: Dennis Sugure and Steve Overend getting their instructor bars on their black belts, Dan Puma and Ben Sirugasa being awarded two stripes on their blue belts, and Joe Roach and Anthony Johnston being awarded 2 stripes on their brown belts.

I will have a complete list, more pics, and more videos later. Congrats to ALL