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Tai Kai Belt Ceremony 1/18 a Big Success










It was a great day. Four new black belts, 2 new brown belts, one purple, ten blue belts, and a bunch of stripes.  Thanks to everyone that came from all the other schools to help support. Thanks to all the people that were there helping. I will make a more detailed posted tomorrow but right now here is the list of promotions.


Black Belt

Anthony Johnston

Jason Eggleston

Mike Bidwell

Joe Roach


Brown Belt

Chris Roach

Brody Neville


Purple Belt

Mike Spuches


Blue Belt

Scott Fowler

Matt Irland

Neal LaPage

Keith Allen

Charles “pez” Bothem

Nicholas Newcomb

Pat Harrington

Paul Cavalire

John Astles

Jason Caceres


Purple Belt Stripes

Phil Mitsiell

Tamndan McCory

Kevin MacDougall

David Briest

Darius Collinson

Mike Mucitelli


Blue Belt Stripes


Tom Cooney

Dan Puma

Shawn Chapa

Nate Musick

Sheena Bidwell

Matt Spack

Jeremy Hobbs

Ben Siragusa

Bryce Tallini (He is excused from the ceremony since he fighting MMA that night)

Trevor Pastor

Jeff Callahan

Steven Elsenbeck

Sam Saba

Matt DeGonzague

Shane Manley

Jim Jordan

Patrick sullivan

Ed Abrasley

Matt White

Dan McCarthy

Matt Thompson

Brian Kelly

Logan Walker

Kevin Seaman

Saboor Coleman

Desmond Chestnut

Brad Setter

Sabra Geiger

John Meckley

I may have forgot a few on the Blue Belt stripes but I will correct it. We now have about 15 Blue Belts with 4 stripes that will be our next batch of Purple Belts coming up soon, I will make a more detailed post with pics, videos, and more info on yesterday tomorrow.