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Tai-Kai/ BC Martial Arts/ Team Balance go 2-0 this weekend: Fight Videos Included


It was a busy weekend with over 400 miles between the two venues. A big congrats to Ed Abrasley and Tamdan McCrory. Both won their fights under a minute with submissions.

Bellator, CT 2/27/2015

Tamdan McCrory vs. Jason Butcher

Round 1: Butcher is in white trunks with blue gloves. McCrory is in white trunks with black trim and red gloves. Our referee in charge is “Big” John McCarthy. McCrory has Butcher to the ground 10 seconds in but Butcher pops back up. McCrory pulls guard trying to get a guillotine and lets Butcher on top 51 seconds in. Butcher is warned not to put a thumb in McCrory’s eye and just seconds later McCrory gets the verbal tap via armbar.

Final result: Tamdan McCrory finishes Jason Butcher via armbar submission at 1:06 of R1.


PA Cqge Fight 2/28/2015

Ed Abrasley – heavyweight first round submission over Chuck Kowalchick. Ed came out and threw some punches. His opponent tried to shoot. Ed went to lock up the guillotine choke and then transitioned to a triangle choke. His opponent picked Ed up and slammed him attempting to get out of the triangle but it was to no avail. Ed finishes the Triangle and becomes the Heavyweight PA Cage fight champion.


So Team Tai Kai/ BC Martial Arts/ Team Balance go 2-0 this weekend. Thanks to all he coaches and the behind the scenes people such as Dennis Sugure, Kevin Seaman, Chris Roach, Mike Mucitelli, Steve Ward and all the fans and students that went to the fights to support them.