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Tai-Kai Albany -NAGA Results









On March 5th, 2016 Tai-Kai brought a small team to the NAGA tournament in Albany. First I would like to thank Mike Spuches, Ed Abrasley, the Barn Cat, and Jason Eggleston for doing a great job coaching.  Everyone that competed did great. Here are the Results with some pictures at the end


1st Place Super Heavyweight Expert- Ed Abrasley

3rd Place- Middleweight Expert-  Dickie White

1st Place-  Intermediate Kids NO GI- Micah Perry

2nd Place- Intermediate Kids GI- Micah Perry

2nd Place- Masters Beg/Intermediate Cruiser weight- Fred Perry-No GI

1st Place- Masters White Belt Cruiser weight- Fred Perry- GI

1st Place- Women’s No GI Beginner- Stephanie Coulson

2nd Place- Masters Beginner/Intermediate heavyweight-NO GI Michael Benjamin

1st place- Masters- White Belt Heavyweight Michael Benjamin

3rd Place- Expert NO GI- Michael Spuches

2nd Place- Intermediate Kids GI- William Burnell

2nd Place- Intermediate Kids- N0 Gi William Burnell

2nd place- Kids GI- Chloe Raith

2nd Place-Kids No GI- Chloe Raith

2nd place-Kids GI- Ty Demoya-Fritzen

2nd place-Kids NO GI- Ty Demoya-Fritzen

1st Place-Kids GI-Jack Devinney

1st Place-Kids GI- Saxon Mageean

1st Place-Kids NO GI- Saxon Mageean

2nd Place-Kids NO GI- Mason Mageean

2nd Place-Kids GI- Mason Mageean