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Yoga Class

First Yoga Class-18 Students-Free for the month of January

Today’s first Yoga class at Tai Kai Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu went really well. Thank you to all 18 of you who came out today.My intention for today’s class was to introduce people to the world of yoga. I kept class simple as we had many people who have never taken Yoga before. We began with some calming and centering with our breath and made our way through some spinal warm-ups and a few vinyasa flows (which are a series of poses using our breath flow).

As we deepened our class, we warmed our bodies with some sun salutations and warrior poses. Then we wound our way back down to the floor for some deeper stretching. We ended with savasana (corps pose) as our final relaxation for class, taking time to allow our bodies to reflect on all the work we had done.

I am excited by the comments I received after class and can’t wait to teach again. I hope to see more of you there in the weeks to come! We will soon be adding more yoga to the schedule.

Thank you again Ken for bringing me aboard your team of talented instructors I look forward to working with you all!