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Video Techniques

Growing up Gracie: The Phil Migliarese Story

Growing up Gracie: The Phil Migliarese Story. This is a 8 minute Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu documentary about the BJJ life of Phil Migliarese. Phil is the founder of Balance Studios in Philadelphia,PA. He will be doing a seminar next Wednesday night at Jiu JItsu Nation/Tai Kai North in Watertown for the debut of Marc Stevens in TUF 12 on Spike TV.

Thursday 9/2/2010 Techniques

I want to start listing techniques as we do them in class. I meant to take a video of these but forgot so next time.

All the techniques were from our opponent in the turtle position

1) We did a turnover to get side control on our opponent
2) We did a spinning collar choke from the turtle
3) We did a rolling armbar from the turtle

I plan on listing future class techniques but next time with video

Welcome to the New Tai Kai Jiu JItsu Blog

Front entrance to Syracuse Martial Arts

Our front entrance...

Welcome to the New Tai Kai Jiu JItsu Blog. This is the place to go to find out news, information , pictures, and schedule. All news, along with changes, quotes, video techniques, etc will be posted here. Look back daily for updates.