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Vale Tudo

Zach Wakeman Fights- RIVT 2000- Old School(Two Fights in one night)

These are some fights from 2000 at NAGA’s Rhode Island Vale Tudo. This was an Amateur event. Tim Sylvia and Jorge Riveria fought in the same events. To the face only open hands and kicks were allowed This was in the early days of MMA. Zach fought twice in one night to win a belt. Zach competed for Tai Kai in MMA and in Grappling matches.

Zack Wakeman vs Ruben Lopez

This was his first match of the night. The match was stopped when Ruben was knocked out and unable to defend himself.

Zack Wakeman vs Luciano De Olivera

This was in the finals about an hour after the first match. Luciano ,from Brazil, Was from Joao Amoraol BJJ school. He quit due to exhuastion

Old School 2000-Rhode Island Vale Tudo- Dr. Andrew Doe

This an old school Amatuer MMA fight.

Rhode Island Value Tudo 4
– July 7, 2000
– Police Athletic League Community Center, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
– Andy Doe( Tai Kai) vs Brad Nelson

Rhode Island Value Tudo Eventually became Reality Fighting from NAGA. Andy Doe is now a doctor practicing Radiology in New Jersey. He is married with two kids. Andy was one of the original Tai Kai Competitors.