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Refer a Friend and Spin the Prize Wheel at Tai Kai

We have a new promotion at Tai Kai Jiu Jitsu. It has the ability to pay you for referring friends to the school and train for free for ever. Here is how it works. You can refer friends to the school or see Jackie at the front desk and she can give you some free pass cards that you put your name on it to give to people. If anyone comes in and says they referred you or with one of your cards and signs up, you get to spin the prize wheel for a prize. There are prizes ranging from private lessons to $100 Cash, to Free Tai Kai sweat shirts

Every time a friend signs up you get a credit. Here are the bonus prizes


5 Credits= A free year at Tai Kai
10 Credits= $1,000 Cash
15 Credits= A lifetime Membership to Tai Kai

So help us grow the school and get paid and train for free