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Zach Wakeman Fights- RIVT 2000- Old School(Two Fights in one night)

These are some fights from 2000 at NAGA’s Rhode Island Vale Tudo. This was an Amateur event. Tim Sylvia and Jorge Riveria fought in the same events. To the face only open hands and kicks were allowed This was in the early days of MMA. Zach fought twice in one night to win a belt. Zach competed for Tai Kai in MMA and in Grappling matches.

Zack Wakeman vs Ruben Lopez

This was his first match of the night. The match was stopped when Ruben was knocked out and unable to defend himself.

Zack Wakeman vs Luciano De Olivera

This was in the finals about an hour after the first match. Luciano ,from Brazil, Was from Joao Amoraol BJJ school. He quit due to exhuastion

More Old School Pictures 1997-1999

Here are some more old school Pictures from different competitions, etc. I am going to try and post a few of this every week, so people see the history Tai Kai has. These are from 1997-1999. Most schools in CNY were still not doing Jiu Jitsu or any type of MMA yet.

Training in California in 1997 with Carlson Gracie Black Belt and UFC vet. Allan Goes. We used to go to Costa Mesa, California to train with Allan several times a year.

Attacking the leg against Olympic Trials wrestler Rob Pritchett in 1999 in the very first Grapplers Quest in the Superfight

Winning by Leg Lock in the first Grapplers Quest Superfight in 1999. You can tell it was a while a go by the style of fight shorts I am wearing

Here is a link to that Match

11/20 Grappling Tournament Pics

Congrats everyone that competed this weekend in all the tournaments. If I leave anyone out just comment and I will add you to the list.

Zac Maneri- 1st place
Krystle Anne Santos Duchess- 1st place
Johnny Mcgrory- 3rd Place
Dan Dwyer-1st place
Pat Dwyer-2nd place
Jaden Allen-1st place(Kids)
Anthony Destito( from Len Sonia’s Dojo 1)- 3rd place

and to Dan Covel for giving up so much weight(like 50 lbs) in his first match as a Black Belt

Jordan Damon( Tai Kai) vs. Renato Tavares (ATT Vero Beach) at 2004 Grapplers Quest All Star Pro Challenge

Jordan Damon( Tai Kai) vs. Renato Tavares (ATT Vero Beach) at 2004 Grapplers Quest All Star Pro Challenge

Match up from 2004 Grapplers Quest Pro Division. A very good match between Jordan and Renato. Lots of transitions, submission attempts, and positional changes. Jordan almost pulled it off.