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First Yoga Class-18 Students-Free for the month of January

Today’s first Yoga class at Tai Kai Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu went really well. Thank you to all 18 of you who came out today.My intention for today’s class was to introduce people to the world of yoga. I kept class simple as we had many people who have never taken Yoga before. We began with some calming and centering with our breath and made our way through some spinal warm-ups and a few vinyasa flows (which are a series of poses using our breath flow).

As we deepened our class, we warmed our bodies with some sun salutations and warrior poses. Then we wound our way back down to the floor for some deeper stretching. We ended with savasana (corps pose) as our final relaxation for class, taking time to allow our bodies to reflect on all the work we had done.

I am excited by the comments I received after class and can’t wait to teach again. I hope to see more of you there in the weeks to come! We will soon be adding more yoga to the schedule.

Thank you again Ken for bringing me aboard your team of talented instructors I look forward to working with you all!



Zach Wakeman Fights- RIVT 2000- Old School(Two Fights in one night)

These are some fights from 2000 at NAGA’s Rhode Island Vale Tudo. This was an Amateur event. Tim Sylvia and Jorge Riveria fought in the same events. To the face only open hands and kicks were allowed This was in the early days of MMA. Zach fought twice in one night to win a belt. Zach competed for Tai Kai in MMA and in Grappling matches.

Zack Wakeman vs Ruben Lopez

This was his first match of the night. The match was stopped when Ruben was knocked out and unable to defend himself.

Zack Wakeman vs Luciano De Olivera

This was in the finals about an hour after the first match. Luciano ,from Brazil, Was from Joao Amoraol BJJ school. He quit due to exhuastion

Old School 2000-Rhode Island Vale Tudo- Dr. Andrew Doe

This an old school Amatuer MMA fight.

Rhode Island Value Tudo 4
– July 7, 2000
– Police Athletic League Community Center, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
– Andy Doe( Tai Kai) vs Brad Nelson

Rhode Island Value Tudo Eventually became Reality Fighting from NAGA. Andy Doe is now a doctor practicing Radiology in New Jersey. He is married with two kids. Andy was one of the original Tai Kai Competitors.

Kali Class 12/22/10 at Tai Kai

Here are some video clips from Kali Class from 12/22/10. We offer Kali classes Monday and Wednesday nights at 7 to 8 PM. Classes are taught by Sifu Kevin Seaman.Kali is an ancient martial art of the Philippines dating back to the ninth century. Kali is sometimes called escrima, arnis, or Filipino Martial Arts. They are all the same martial art.

More Old School Pictures 1997-1999

Here are some more old school Pictures from different competitions, etc. I am going to try and post a few of this every week, so people see the history Tai Kai has. These are from 1997-1999. Most schools in CNY were still not doing Jiu Jitsu or any type of MMA yet.

Training in California in 1997 with Carlson Gracie Black Belt and UFC vet. Allan Goes. We used to go to Costa Mesa, California to train with Allan several times a year.

Attacking the leg against Olympic Trials wrestler Rob Pritchett in 1999 in the very first Grapplers Quest in the Superfight

Winning by Leg Lock in the first Grapplers Quest Superfight in 1999. You can tell it was a while a go by the style of fight shorts I am wearing

Here is a link to that Match

Congrats Marc Stevens, James Friar, and Bill Garrett at 2010 NAGA MOHEGAN SUN CHAMPIONSHIPS

Marc Stevens Winning his Superfight

James Friar winning 1st place Blue Belt

Congrats to all Tai Kai and Jiu Jitsu Nation students that competed at the 2010 NAGA Mohegan Sun Grappling Championships

1) Marc Stevens won his superfight 8-0 totally dominating his opponent

2) Bill Garrett for taking 1st Place Blue Belt and 3rd Place NO GI Advanced

3) James Friar for taking 1st place Blue Belt and 2nd place NO Gi Advanced losing in the finals to Renzo Gracie Black Belt and TUF veteran Dan Simmler

30 Warriors show up at Tai-Kai in a Blizzard Whiteout

It was probably the worst weather conditions so far of the year. A whiteout in Syracuse and the surrounding areas. All classes ran as normal at Tai-Kai. I wasn’t sure if a lot of students would show up,but 30 warriors showed up tonight to train. There were Black Belts, Brown Belts, Purple Belts, Blue Belts, and White Belts there to train. It was a great night of training and it brought students even closer to train on a night such as this. I am proud of Tai Kai and the students for having such a great showing on a night such as this. Everyone deserves a BIG Pat on the back.

Old School PICS- Tai Kai -The original BJJ/MMA school in the Syracuse Area

Here are some old school pics. I have more to come even older. These pics were all taken between 8 and 12 years ago. Tai Kai was doing MMA and BJJ while most local schools were still doing traditional martial arts. All local schools have jumped on the Bandwagon. Now everyone does BJJ and MMA. Tai Kai has a strong history and was the original BJJ/MMA school in Central New York.

Tai Kai’a Andy Curringa in his first MMA fight against Joe Lauzon back in 2001. No he did not win by choke but won a decision

1996 Ken Kronenberg training with Oleg Taktarov

2000 Ken Kronenberg beating Brazilian Top Team’s Fabione Capone

2000 Matt Z winning his division

Ken Kronenberg 2003 in Brazil Competing in ADCC pictures with Helio Gracie

1998 at UFC with Carlson Gracie. There to support our teacher Allen Goes

2001 Grapplers Quest. Ken Kronenberg vs Jeremy Horn. No I did not get the choke. Horn won a decision

1998 NAGA SUPERFIFGHT Ken Kronenberg vs. Ricardo Almedia Pictured with Renzo Gracie