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Grapplers Quest

More Old School Pictures 1997-1999

Here are some more old school Pictures from different competitions, etc. I am going to try and post a few of this every week, so people see the history Tai Kai has. These are from 1997-1999. Most schools in CNY were still not doing Jiu Jitsu or any type of MMA yet.

Training in California in 1997 with Carlson Gracie Black Belt and UFC vet. Allan Goes. We used to go to Costa Mesa, California to train with Allan several times a year.

Attacking the leg against Olympic Trials wrestler Rob Pritchett in 1999 in the very first Grapplers Quest in the Superfight

Winning by Leg Lock in the first Grapplers Quest Superfight in 1999. You can tell it was a while a go by the style of fight shorts I am wearing

Here is a link to that Match

Congrats Alec Kearns-Grapplers Quest Canada IRONMAN

Congrats to Alec Kearns. Alec is 17 years old, Blue Belt, and an assistant kids instructor at Tai Kai Jiu Jitsu. This past weekend he went up to Canada to be one of the youngest refs to referee a Grapplers Quest. Not only did he ref the whole day but found time to compete. He took 1st Advanced Teens GI and 3rd Advanced Teens NO GI. Congrats ALEC. We appreciate all you do for the school at the school and how you represent yourself in the Jiu JItsu Community. So if you see Alec in class don’t don’t forget to shake his hand.

Len Sonia vs. Pablo Popovitch Grappling Match

Tai Kai Black Belt, Len Sonia, (in this video as a purple belt) competing against American Top Team Blackbelt Pablo Popovitch. A very nice Match to watch. Pablo came up on top, but Len kept fighting to the very end.

Alec Kearns-Grapplers Quest Quick Submissions

Check out these two videos. Alec Kearns is a Blue Belt at Tai Kai and is an assistant instructor in the kid’s class. Alex came up through the kids program and is now in the adult program. He inspires me to train because he is always ready to roll and give it his best at 16 years old.