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Phil Migliarese seminar review, videos, and pictures

The Italian Necktie Choke is a slight modification of the Peruvian necktie (Fonzie Thumb) One of the Migliarese brothers favorite techniques!

The above technique was filmed at the seminar. The seminar was a great success. We got to learn a lot of anti wrestling techniques from stand up to bring the fight to the ground. Some of the highlights were of course the Italian Necktie, some good special details on the Brabo Choke, and a lot of detail on the Migliarese guillotine choke. Phil did a question and answer section where people got to ask about problems they were having. Many participants got their issues fixed and were very excited to try out their new techniques in class. Phil does such a great job at refining the little details to make a technique work. We are looking foward to having him up at Tai Kai More often. Thanks Phil