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Phil Migliarese No-Gi Seminar-Houdini Escape Seminar

On August 4th, 2012, Tai Kai Hosted Phil Migliarese for a No Gi Seminar on Escapes. It was called the Houdini seminar. The seminar was one of the best I have attended. It started off with escapes from some Self-Defense Positions. Phil showed some little details with some basic self defense postions to really tighten up the escapes. He then went onto the ground. We did escapes from Guillotines, Brabo Chokes, North South Choke, Side Control, you name it. I would recommend anyone interested in hosting this Escape seminar to jump at the chance to have it at your school. Overall everyone was pleased with the seminar. Next time we have a straight Jacket for Phil to try and escape from LOL