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NAGA Tournament – Glen Falls Results

Here are the full results from the NAGA tournament in Glen Falls, NY.  Congratulations to everyone who competed.  Special thanks to coaches Anthony Johnston, Ed Abrasely, Brody Neville and Mike Bidwell for a great coaching job Saturday.

Full Results:

Kyle Parella 1st Place / 1st Place

Ed Abrasely 1st Place

Mike Bidwell 1st Place / 1st Place

Frank Parella 2nd Place

William Burnell 2nd Place / 2nd Place / 3rd Place

Carter Rowley 2nd Place / 2nd Place

Dominic Schiano 1st Place / 1st Place

Luca Pelosi 2nd Place / 2nd Place

Austin Hererra 2nd Place / 2nd Place

Abigail Mossotti 2nd Place / 3rd Place / 2nd Place

Ty DeMoya 2nd Place

Sonny Sehsand 2nd Place

Kenji Frazier 2nd Place / 2nd Place

Valencia Bidwell 1st Place / 1st Place

Jayme Jackson 1st Place / 1st Place