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May 19th- 12:00 PM Belt Ceremony Candidate List

This list is not complete. Please see Bottom Note about Blue Belts

Brown Belt Stripes

Marc Stevens
Matt Moore
Anthony Johnston
Kevin Hotchkiss
Joe roach

NEW Purple Belts

Alec Kearns
Phil Mitsiell
Mike Mucitelli
Jamie Frier
Chris Anderson
Brandon Ashby
Kevin MacDougall

Purple Belt Stripes

Ben Tallini
Darius Collinson
Dave Briest
Brody Neville
Jesse Jacobs
Chris Roach

NEW Blue Belts

Saldin Cumurovic
Jesse Carbone
Dickie White
Nate Musick
Jerry Unger
Mark Troendle
Dan McCarthy
Scott Griffin
Matt White

Blue Belt Stripes

Tamdan McCrory -4 Stripes
Phil Acuri- 4 Stripes
Zac Maneri – 4 stripes
Jerry Reed-4 Stripes
Chris Leet-4 Stripes

Don Patti
Matt DeGonzaque
Ben Siragusa
Matt Thompson
Ralph Habib
Brian Kelly
Brendan Cope
Saboor Coleman
Desmond Chestnut
Steve Elsenbeck
Kevin Seaman
Erik Charles
Trevor Pastor
Jeff Callahan
Robert Matrone
Sam Saba
Tom Cooney
Mike Spuches
Matt Spack
Jeremy Hobbs
Cory Laplant
Pat Dwyer
Logan Walker

And I know I left some people out. So all other Blue Belts that did not receive their initial Blue Belt in the last 5 Months are also eligible

Also I want to get as many people there as possible for partners and rolling so everyone no matter what your rank is from Tai Kai or any affilated schools are invited