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Marc Stevens Wins by Dominant Fashion in CES MMA 6/10/2011

Here is the play by play

Marc Stevens vs Abe Pitrowski

Round 1

Pitrowski opens with two big low kicks but Stevens moves in on the second one and gets the takedown. Stevens on top in Pitrowski’s full guard. Pitrowski tying up well from the bottom and threatens with a guillotine but Stevens pulls his head free. Big right from the top from Stevens but Pitrowski uses the seperation to stand up. Punch lands for Pitrowski but Stevens takes it right back down and moves to side control. Stevens controlling from the top. A knee to the body and a short punch. Stevens stands over Pitrowski and lands a right hand on his way back into Pitrowski’s full guard. Pitrowski again threaten with the guillotine but Stevens passes to side control. Stevens again stands over Pitrowski and kicks the legs before moving back in with a punch and moves right to side controll. Stevens opens up with strikes more but still stays tight. Pitrowski recovers full guard nicely and again threatens with the guillotine. It looks deep and the crowd reacts but Stevens pulls out and stands up again and again moves back down landing some nice shots on the way in to side controll.

Round 2

Pitrowski paws with the jab to start and throws a low kick. Stevens catches it and also connects with a right to the jaw as he takes the fight down. Stevens again easily passes to side controll. Stevens stands over Pitrowski and again moves in with a punch right to side control. A few short punches and Stevens stands again. Low kick to the thigh and then Stevens moves in with a punch as Pitrowski tries to stand. Stevens again right into side control. Pitrowski rolls to his knees and Stevens looks to take the back but Pitrowski rolls back. Stevens on top in Pitrowski’s full guard briefly before passing to side. Ground and pound from Stevens, hammerfists and short elbows. Pitrowski starting to bleed from his nose. Stevens looks to mount but Pitrowski is able to trap a leg in half guard. Stevens is undaunted and opens up with more punches. Pitrowski regains full guard but Stevens quickly passes to half. Back to full guard again but Stevens staying busy with punches. Stevens stands again and Pitrowski is able to land an upkick but Stevens again throws the legs aside and moves to side control with a punch on the way in.

Round 3
Pitrowski with blood on his chest from his nose as the round starts. Stevens with a superman punch but it’s just short. Stevens light on his feet and circling as Pitrowski misses on a one two. Stevens staying just outside Pitrowski’s punches and moves in with a low kick. Pitrowski answers with a low kick but it’s caught by Stevens for the takedown directly into side control. Stevens tight on top with occasional short elbows. May be looking for an arm triangle or kimura but Pitrowski keeping his arms tight. Stevens with a nice elbow to Pitrowski’s face. Pitrowski tries to regain guard but Stevens stands up. Pitrowski looks to get up but Stevens rushes in and takes his back in the scramble. Pitrowski able to roll to his back and Stevens settles into his full guard on top. Pitrowski trying to walk up the cage but Stevens sucks his hips away. Punches and elbows from Stevens who again stands up. Again Stevens tosses the legs aside and moves to side control. Short knee to the body and short elbows by Stevens. Pitrowski trying to make something happen but Stevens is firmly in control and picking his shots.

Marc Stevens wins by unanimous decision