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Local Martial Artist Promoted to Ajarn (Master Instructor) By Thai Boxing Association

A big Congrats to Kevin Seaman in his Milestone achievement. He was promoted to Ajarn by Grandmaster Chai Sirisute on September 7th in Buffalo, NY at a seminar taught by Grandmaster Chai, President of the Thai Boxing Association USA is considered the Father of Thai Boxing in the United States. Seaman has been training with Grandmaster Chai for 25 years, and has held the positions of NY State Director and Special Advisor for the TBA. This is a huge honor and Ajarn Seaman is one of a few people given this honor by Grandmaster Chai, and the only person in the Northeastern US to be promoted to this title. Ajarn is Thai for head instructor. This is the highest honor in the Thai Boxing Association, which has over 30,000 members in 12 countries. Ajarn Kevin has taught Thai Boxing and other martial arts in the PE Dept. at Cornell University for 20 years, and currently offers regular classes at Tai Kai Jiu-Jitsu in Liverpool, along with workshops at different schools throughout the northeast.
Seaman is an author of three books and writes a blog on kevinseaman.net