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Hips, twists, and balance- Yoga 1/16/2011 at Tai Kai with 23 students

Well, we had an even bigger turnout today for our second Yoga at Tai Kai! I thank you all for coming it was quite surprising that we had 23 of you come since the weather was quite white and blustery when we were all arriving!

We had a nice challenging class today working our Hips, twists and balance (sometimes all at once!) I am so glad you all were advanced Yogi’s and Yogini’s by smiling through class today! It really does make it seem easier to smile through the challenges and you all did a fantastic job. I hope to see you all again next week at 10:30 Sunday morning for another class to bring yourself as you are that day and find time for yourself with a little yoga to begin your week!
Have a wonderful week ahead and I look forward to next week’s yoga at Tai Kai!