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Grand Master Flavio Behring Seminar at Tai-Kai

Tai-Kai Martial Arts and Behring BJJ hosted a seminar by red belt Grand Master Flavio Behring on January 23rd, 2016.  GM Behring taught a one hour kids seminar with focus on very practical self-defense.  Everyone in attendance enjoyed his teachings and all the kids left with several new techniques and a smile on their faces.

Upon completion of the kids portion, the 79 years young GM Behring took a short break before teaching a large group adults for three hours.  He taught technique after technique doing an amazing job bridging stand up self-defense with submissions, ground techniques, transitions, etc. All the time keeping the groups attention with great details on each technique.

Tai-Kai would like to thank Curtis Mosely for sharing Grand Master Behring with us.  It was both a privilege and honor!

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