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Global Grappling : Tai Kai Results








On May 13th, 2017 in Ithaca was the next edition of Global Grappling. They had a regular tournament during the day and a 16 man professional 155 lb tournament and super fights with EBI rules at night.  First thanks to Sam Micale and Global Grappling for having these local tournaments and giving athletes these opportunities. Next thanks to all the competitors , students, and family members that went up for support. And Lastly the biggest thanks to Ed Abrasley and Ben Tallini for coaching both the competitors during the day and the professional tournament at night. Once the professional pics are done we will do another post with all those pics.



Regular Tournament Results

Jack Sherbourne 1st place GI and 2nd place NO GI

 Will Burnell  2nd place GI and first Place NO GI

Sydney Burnell-2nd place GI

Bailey Sherbourne- 1st place GI and 1st Place NO GI

Fred Perry- 1st Place GI

Tom Barnes- 1st Place GI and 2nd Place NO GI

Sam Micale-1st NO GI


Professional Matches

Dickie White- Won first 2 matches by North South Choke and then lost in the semifinals. He looked awesome

Tomas Garcia- Won his first match by armbar then lost the next round to the eventual winner. He looked awesome too.

Alec Callahan- Won superfight by Kneebar

Ed Abrasley- Won superfight by Armbar

Mike Mucitelli- Won Superfight by Rear Naked Choke