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“Family Throw down” Open Mat a Big Success!

Tai-Kai Martial Arts hosted it’s third “Family throw down” open mat.  The two hour open mat was held on Saturday June 14th, 2014.  The community wide event had grapplers from:  Tai-Kai, Dojo-1, Infinity BJJ, BC Martial Arts, Behring BJJ, UA Syracuse and many others.  The large matted training floor at Tai-Kai saw close to 80 grapplers locking it up every round.  Everyone in attendance appreciated the opportunity to listen to music and roll with fellow BJJ enthusiasts from all over the region.  Students of all levels from white to black belt rolled non-stop.  Hour one was all gi and and hour two transitioned to no-gi.  Everyone remarked how they had a great time, many competitive matches and at the end everyone left uninjured.  We want to thank everyone who supported and attended this event. We look forward to our next “throw down” later this Summer!

Next on tap is the Andre Galvao seminar coming July 13th, 2014.  More details:  www.seminarpayment.com 


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