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Congrats to Our Latest Prize Wheel Winner- Keith Allen

Keith Allen was our latest Prize Wheel winner. He referred a friend that enrolled for a membership at Tai-Kai. That made him eligible to spin the prize wheel. See the video below for the rules and explanation of the prize wheel. He spun and won free gloves. Keith already had bought a set of MMA and Boxing Gloves from the school. The class voted and we allowed him to spin again. I was rooting for him to get the $100 prize. He won a brand new Tai-Kai Zip UP Hoodie. These are brand new and look sharp. The logo is embroidered on the front. Congrats Keith. Who will be next to SPIN the Tai-Kai Prize Wheel.

5 people- a free year
10 people-1,000 Cash
15- A lifetime membership to Tai Kai
(Kickboxing memberships are able to spinm but do not apply for the 5,10,15 bonuses)
Anyone that needs Class Passes to give oout- Please See Jackie up front