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Congrats to all Tai Kai- NAGA Competitors 3/10/12 Albany

Congrats to all Tai Kai Competitors in Albany this past weekend. I hope I did not leave anyone out

1st Expert Light Heavy NO GI- Chris Roach
1st Int. Heavy NO GI- Mike Mucitelli
2nd- Int Heavy NO GI- Saboor Coleman
3rd- Lightweight ADV NO GI- Brody Neville
1st-NO Gi 14-15 year old 130-139 Ryan Buck
1st NO GI-149 lbs- Ryan Buck
2nd Kids No GI- Bailey Sherbourne-
1st No Gi-Beg- Super heavy -Saldin Cumurovic
1st place – kids beginner gi-Cole Saxon
3rd place – kids beginner gi-Noah Carbone
2nd place – masters white belt light heavyweight gi-Jessie Carbone
3rd place-kids beginner NO gi- Anthony Karsada
2nd place- Kids GI-Anthony Karsada
2nd- Middleweight Purple Belt Mens- Ben Tallini
1st Blue Belt Heavy-Saboor Coleman
2nd Blue Belt Heavy-Mike Mucitelli
1st-White Belt Super Heavy Saldin Cumurovic
2nd- Kids Gi- Bailey Sherbourne
3rd Teens Gi- Matt Isenberg
2nd Kids GI- Dylan Healy
3rd Kids GI- Jack Sherbourne

If I left anyone out please email me