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Congrats New Stripes and Promotions at Tai Kai 01/03/12

It was a busy night at Tai Kai Jiu-Jitsu tonight. There was almost 50 people in the Jiu-Jitsu class alone. First our good friend and student Jason Eggleston was in town visiting. Jason had to move out of the CNY area about two years ago because he is in the military. Jason was awarded the rest of the stripes on his Brown Belt making him a 4 stripe Brown Belt. We had an impromptu test for him tonight. He had to take all 50 people down, then sweep them all, and then grapple live almost all of the people. He had to grapple the purple, brown, and black belts at the end. Jason fought hard and looked good. Congrats Jason. It was great seeing you.

Also tonight Rob White received the rest of his stripes on his Purple Belt, Kevin MacDougall received two more stripes on his Blue Belt, Ben Tallini received another stripe on his Purple Belt, and Robert Solano, Shane Manley, and Mike Leone received their Blue Belts. Congrats guys!! It was a great class and great rolling session.