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Congrats 10 New Tai-Kai Blue Belts: 03/10/16







Congrats to the 10 newest Blue Belts from Tai-Kai. Part 1 of the test was a few weeks ago. It involved the demonstration and mastery of required Takedowns and ground techniques which included sweeps,escapes, positional control and dominance, submissions, and reversals. Part 2 was last night. The candidates had to demonstrate their required self defense skills and then roll for 30 minutes straight in one an half minute rounds.  Everyone passed and did awesome. Congrats again


New Blue Belts

Jeff Exner

Chris Richmond

Alec Callahan

Brad Shepard

Bailey Sherbourne

Vincent Kovach

Tiffany Hoff

Kaitlin Gregory

Jim Kearns

Dan Dantuono