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Tai Kai Kid’s Belt Ceremony a Huge Success 3/4/2018-Pictures and Video included





Tai Kai had it’s most recent belt test/ceremony for it’s youth students. We had over 70 kids and their families show up.  The place was packed.  Thank you to all the families and all the students who came to help(including coaches, helpers, food, camera and video) You guys are great. There was so much positive and exciting energy in the school.  After bowing in, warming up, and stretching; each of the students got to demonstrate some techniques with their age group and belt level according to their skill. The advanced kids got to demonstrate some high level techniques, including a  lot of awesome standup self defense. Then each student go to grapple with their parent or another adult.   Each student was awarded their belt individually and then we took a group picture. The ceremony lasted for about an hour and half.  All I got to say is you Tai Kai Kids are awesome. Take a look at the pic and the video below.

Congratulations to all the kids that were promoted yesterday! Great school, great bunch of kids and great parents!

Posted by Jim Kearns on Sunday, March 4, 2018

Tai Kai- Buffalo Grappling Industries Results 1/20/2018










Congrats to everyone that competed. Here are the full results

Jason Ryerson    Gi Master Male White Belt 210 – 230: 2nd Place

No Gi Beginner Male Adult 210 – 230: 2nd Place

Adam Groesbeck      Gi Adult Male White Belt 185: 4th place

No Gi Adult Male White Belt 185 : 4th place

Dan Laraby                Gi Adult Male Blue under 135- 3rd place

Allison Laraby               Gi Adult Female Blue under 120- 3rd place

Ed Abrasley                           No GI  adult absolute 1st place

Jason Iorio                           Gi Master Male Blue 155 – 1st place                  

No GI  intermediate master male male 155-1st place

Tyler Lalonde                      kids’ gi 8-9 yr white belt 55-65lbs, 3rd place
No gi 8-9 yr 55-65lbs beginner, 3rd place

Noah  Lalonde                      kids’ gi 6-7 yr white belt under 45lbs, 2nd place
No gi 6-7 yr under 45lbs beginner, 2nd place

Ryan Fish                              1st mens Gi white belt 230+,

2nd men’s intermediate no gi 230+

Stevie Angelinio                     Gi adult female white belt under 150 – 1st Place

Anthony Carella                            3rd place adult blue belt  GI



20 New Blue Belts at Tai Kai Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu




Congrats to 20 new Tai-Kai Blue Belts. On Saturday January 13, 2017 , we has 20 new students promoted to blue belt. We had young kids in their 20’s up to Women in their 50’s testing. We had 100 pound woman all the way up to over 200 lb men.  We even had two husband and wives test together for their rank. Six new Women joined the rank of Blue Belt.It was a great test and really brought everyone together. This would not be possible without all the students, families, and ALL the instructors that teach and helped with the test. THANK YOU to everyone.

The actual test was 2 hours long. The first one and half hours was demonstration of basic technique including: submissions, escapes, takedowns, positions, sweeps , and of course SELF DEFENSE. Then they grappled for 30 minutes with no break getting a new partner every minute. At the end when they thought they were done , they had to go through some basic movements such as, shrimping, back breakfalls, rolls, sprawls, and butt scoots.  Everyone looked great and I was really impressed with this group of new Blue Belts.



John Vecchiarelli
Jason Iorio
John Losurdo
Eric Stein
Dan Laraby
Allison Laraby
Anthony Carella
Dan Moyer
Tracy Sullivan
Lori Lyons
Tim Woods
Kelly Woods
Barb Roach
Michael Benjamin
Fred Isaacs
Brian Racht
Richard Mossotti
John Sherbourne
Mary Parry
Mike Bowes


Enjoy the Pictures

Tai Kai will pay you $$$ to Train with your FRIENDS







Tai Kai will pay you to bring your friends in to train. If your friend signs up for a yearly membership you get cash. If they do a 12 month regular program you will get $100. If they do a 6 month Kickboxing only program you will get $50. 

1) You will be able to do something fun with your friends

2) Bring  More training partners in to Tai-Kai

3) EARN CASH doing it.

You can bring in as many people as you want and earn as much CASH as you are able to

Sorry Hurry up and get your friends in there

New Fitness Kickboxing Instructors and New Classes


Meet Tai-Kai’s new fitness kickboxing instructors. From Top down: Debbie, Genevieve, and Erika. Their Classes are all innovative, exciting, and amazing. Come on down and try a free class. We have also added 9:30 AM classes Monday and Wednesdays.


Monday: 9:30 AM- Genevieve

Monday: 5:00 PM-Erika

Tuesday: 6:45 PM- Genevieve

Wednesday: 9:30 AM- Genevieve

Wednesday: 5PM- Debbie

Thursday: 6:45 PM- Genevieve

Friday: 6:00 PM- Erika

Saturday: 11:00 AM Erika or Genevieve





Tai-Kai jackson Mitsiell Seminar – A huge Sucesss

On 9/2/2017 a whole community came together to help raise money for one of our students. Jackson Mitsiell is a 5 year old that takes BJJ classes with us at Tai-Kai( his father has been a member and assistant instructor for years). Jackson was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  He was operated on and is currently being treated with chemotherapy.  We wanted to raise money for the family and also show Jackson how much people care for him. In one day we raised close to $11,000. The go fund me page is still active and we are looking at a goal of $7500 for start. I will post that link and the link to the next fundrasier in another blog.



The day was overwhelming in a good way. There are too many people to thank, so I am thanking everyone. I am scared I will leave some people out. So thank you everyone in that picture and behind the picture. We had people and families from all different martial arts schools locally , people from Buffalo, Rochester, Oneonta, Binghamton, Seneca Falls, Watertown, Utica, Phildalphia, PA to name a few.  There was over 200 people there throughout the day.


The first hour of the seminar involved Ben Tallini going over some one leg-X guard positions and sweeps.  Everything built upon the previous technique. I know Ben could have shown us techniques for hours if we gave him the time. We had to use both rooms because of the amount of people.






The next hour was Dennis Sugrue showing some leg locks. Most of them were NO-GI versions but they could be adapted for GI. He went over some basic positions and also built off some of the positions Ben went over so the two sections flowed together. If you attended this section remember with Leg Locks come great responsibility 🙂







In between the sections Phil thanked everyone that came and went into some more details on his son’s conditon.  It was very emotional experience even for us CYBORGS. The last hour was open mat. People were training hard and got some good rolls in.









We also had a silent auction on some extraordiany merchandise that was donated. I will have a full list later. People got to win some great items.








We also had people that donated their time and sold food on the outside. There was wings, candy, cookies, cupcakes,lemonade, cotton candy etc. So again THANK YOU  everyone that came and also those that supported and donated to the seminar that couldnt’ make it.

Tai-Kai: Buffalo Tapout Cancer Tournament Results

Congrats to everyone from Tai Kai that competed at the Buffalo Tapout Cancer Tournament on July 22,2017.



1st-Allison Laraby women’s -white belt light featherweight

2nd- Dan Laraby  Men’s Masters -White belt light feather weight

2nd- Jason Ryerson Men’s Master’s – White Belt Super Heavyweight

1st- Ed Abrasley- Adult ultra heavyweight- black belt division

1st-Jason Eggleston- Adult ultra heavyweight- black belt division

2nd- Mary Parry- women’s -white belt- featherweight

2nd- Anthony Carella- Adult -white belt- middleweight

2nd- Stevie Angelino- Women’s- white belt- heavyweight


Global Grappling : Tai Kai Results








On May 13th, 2017 in Ithaca was the next edition of Global Grappling. They had a regular tournament during the day and a 16 man professional 155 lb tournament and super fights with EBI rules at night.  First thanks to Sam Micale and Global Grappling for having these local tournaments and giving athletes these opportunities. Next thanks to all the competitors , students, and family members that went up for support. And Lastly the biggest thanks to Ed Abrasley and Ben Tallini for coaching both the competitors during the day and the professional tournament at night. Once the professional pics are done we will do another post with all those pics.



Regular Tournament Results

Jack Sherbourne 1st place GI and 2nd place NO GI

 Will Burnell  2nd place GI and first Place NO GI

Sydney Burnell-2nd place GI

Bailey Sherbourne- 1st place GI and 1st Place NO GI

Fred Perry- 1st Place GI

Tom Barnes- 1st Place GI and 2nd Place NO GI

Sam Micale-1st NO GI


Professional Matches

Dickie White- Won first 2 matches by North South Choke and then lost in the semifinals. He looked awesome

Tomas Garcia- Won his first match by armbar then lost the next round to the eventual winner. He looked awesome too.

Alec Callahan- Won superfight by Kneebar

Ed Abrasley- Won superfight by Armbar

Mike Mucitelli- Won Superfight by Rear Naked Choke


Tai-Kai Belt Ceremony April 8th, 2017






On Saturday April 8th, 2017 at Noon, Tai Kai had its latest belt promotion.   We had 6 testing: 3 for Brown Belt and 3 for Black Belt. The candidates had to demonstrate sweeps, guard passes, takedowns, certain self-defense techniques, and then free style self-defense (where everyone is attacking them). Everyone did great.  Brown Belt Candidates then had to grapple for an hour straight and Black Belt Candidates had to grapple for an hour and half with no breaks, water, etc. I want to thank all the students, friends, family, affiliate schools, and also local schools for coming down to help out. We appreciate everyone. Any Blue belt stripes that I missed please message me or reply into this post.


Black Belts

Ben Tallini

Kevin Hotchkiss

Matt Moore


Black Belts- First Degree

Jason Eggleston

Mike Bidwell

Joe Roach

Anthony Johnston


Brown Belts

Chris Anderson

Ed Abrasley

Kevin MacDougall








Brown Belt Stripes

Chris Roach- 4th stripe

Brody Neville-4th Stripe

Tamdan McCrory -2nd stripe

Matt Martindale-2nd stripe

Mike Mucitelli-2nd stripe

Darius Collinson-2nd Stripe

Dave Briest-2nd Stripe



Blue Belt Stripes

Tim Overend-4th Stripe

Scott Fowler-4th stripe

Jusin Fowler-4th stripe

John Astles-4th stripe

John Meckley-4th stripe

Onino “NINO” Viengkham-3rd stripe

Dan McCarthy- 3rd stripe

Tom Barnes-3rd stripe

Sam Micale-3rd Stripe

Kyle Parella-3rd Stripe

Tom Cooney-3rd Stripe

Frank Parella-2nd Stripe

Mike Edwards-2nd Stripe

Kevin Solano-2nd Stripe

Sarah Barnhardt- 2nd  stripe

William Hoff- 2nd  stripe

Josh Eason- 2nd  stripe

Alec Callahan-2nd stripe

Kaitlin Gregory- 2nd stripe

Dan Dantuono-2nd stripe

Jeff Exner – 1st stripe

Chris Richmond -1st stripe

Bailey Sherbourne -1st stripe

Tiffany Hoff -1st stripe

Jim Kearns -1st stripe






Tai Kai -NAGA 2017 ALBANY results










This past Saturday, March 4th 2017 was NAGA in Albany. Tai Kai brought a small team to the competition.  Congrats everyone that competed, coached, and went up for support. Here are the results and then enjoy the pics after.



Stephanie Coulson- 1st GI and NO GI

Gerardo Vasquez- 2nd GI

Josh Smith-1st no GI and 2nd GI

Mary Pary- 1st GI and 1st NO GI

Micah Perry -1st GI(KIDS)

Luke Perry- 2nd GI (KIDS)

Ed Abrasley- 1st GI and 1st NO GI

William Burnell- 1st NO GI and 2nd GI(KIDS)

Sam Micale- 1st NO GI

Allison Laraby- 1st NO GI and 2nd GI

Dan Laraby-1st GI

Chloe Raith-2nd NO GI and 2nd GI(Kids)