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Black Belt Test Results and Videos from 1/18/14









January 19th was a great day at Tai-Kai Jiu-Jitsu. Four new black belts joined the ranks. Jason Eggleston, Joe Roach, Mike Bidwell, and Anthony Johnston. People asked what did they do on their test. Their test was mainly self defense and rolling. They had to demonstrate BJJ self defense on eachother for about 15 minutes. They then demonstrated takedowns on eachother for 15 minutes. Then they were spread out around the room and for 15 more minutes had to have all the people at the test go up and attack them, put them in a hold, throw a punch, etc and they had to demonstrate live self-defense for another 15 minutes. The new black belts said that this was the hardest part of the test.  They then had to grapple one and half minute rounds for and hour and a half. They all did awesome. Below are some videos that are good friend and student Jim Kearns made about the event.