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August 9th- Partial Purple Belt Candidate List











On August 9, 2014 at noon we have 3 people testing for  Blue Belt and a bunch of people testing for Purple Belt. Here is the first partial list of purple belt candidates.  More will be added later.  Candidates make sure you know your requirements and if you need another requirement sheet just ask at Tai-Kai. More names will be announced shortly.


Purple Belt Candidate List

Kevin Seaman

Matt DeGonzaque

Ed Abrasley

Sam Saba

Matt Thompson

Jeff Callahan

Trevor Pastor

Rob Solano

Logan Walker

Steve Ward

Bryce Tallini

Nate Musick

Ben Siragusa

Steve Elsenbeck

Brian Kelly

Sheena Bidwell

Shawn Chapa

Dan Puma

Tomas Gracia

Jeremy Hobbs