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A Visit to Dojo-One


On April 18th, 2013 , Ken Kronenberg, Dennis Sugrue, Mike Mucitelli, and Chris Roach all took a visit to Dojo-1 for their most recent Belt Ceremony. We had a blast at the event. The facilities are top notch, of course great instruction by Len Sonia, the students are impressive and humble, and a great celebration dinner after. We were all very impressed with the high caliber of jiu-jitsu and the high standards Len Sonia has of his students. At the end of the night, it was literally like a suana in there. Everyone at Tai Kai is proud of what Len has done and is happy that he is part of the Tai-Kai Family. I am going to try and dig up some really old pictures so people can see how long Len has been around in the BJJ world.. Congrats to Len and all of his students!