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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Tai-Kai jackson Mitsiell Seminar – A huge Sucesss

On 9/2/2017 a whole community came together to help raise money for one of our students. Jackson Mitsiell is a 5 year old that takes BJJ classes with us at Tai-Kai( his father has been a member and assistant instructor for years). Jackson was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  He was operated on and is currently being treated with chemotherapy.  We wanted to raise money for the family and also show Jackson how much people care for him. In one day we raised close to $11,000. The go fund me page is still active and we are looking at a goal of $7500 for start. I will post that link and the link to the next fundrasier in another blog.



The day was overwhelming in a good way. There are too many people to thank, so I am thanking everyone. I am scared I will leave some people out. So thank you everyone in that picture and behind the picture. We had people and families from all different martial arts schools locally , people from Buffalo, Rochester, Oneonta, Binghamton, Seneca Falls, Watertown, Utica, Phildalphia, PA to name a few.  There was over 200 people there throughout the day.


The first hour of the seminar involved Ben Tallini going over some one leg-X guard positions and sweeps.  Everything built upon the previous technique. I know Ben could have shown us techniques for hours if we gave him the time. We had to use both rooms because of the amount of people.






The next hour was Dennis Sugrue showing some leg locks. Most of them were NO-GI versions but they could be adapted for GI. He went over some basic positions and also built off some of the positions Ben went over so the two sections flowed together. If you attended this section remember with Leg Locks come great responsibility 🙂







In between the sections Phil thanked everyone that came and went into some more details on his son’s conditon.  It was very emotional experience even for us CYBORGS. The last hour was open mat. People were training hard and got some good rolls in.









We also had a silent auction on some extraordiany merchandise that was donated. I will have a full list later. People got to win some great items.








We also had people that donated their time and sold food on the outside. There was wings, candy, cookies, cupcakes,lemonade, cotton candy etc. So again THANK YOU  everyone that came and also those that supported and donated to the seminar that couldnt’ make it.