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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Tai-Kai Belt Ceremony April 8th, 2017






On Saturday April 8th, 2017 at Noon, Tai Kai had its latest belt promotion.   We had 6 testing: 3 for Brown Belt and 3 for Black Belt. The candidates had to demonstrate sweeps, guard passes, takedowns, certain self-defense techniques, and then free style self-defense (where everyone is attacking them). Everyone did great.  Brown Belt Candidates then had to grapple for an hour straight and Black Belt Candidates had to grapple for an hour and half with no breaks, water, etc. I want to thank all the students, friends, family, affiliate schools, and also local schools for coming down to help out. We appreciate everyone. Any Blue belt stripes that I missed please message me or reply into this post.


Black Belts

Ben Tallini

Kevin Hotchkiss

Matt Moore


Black Belts- First Degree

Jason Eggleston

Mike Bidwell

Joe Roach

Anthony Johnston


Brown Belts

Chris Anderson

Ed Abrasley

Kevin MacDougall








Brown Belt Stripes

Chris Roach- 4th stripe

Brody Neville-4th Stripe

Tamdan McCrory -2nd stripe

Matt Martindale-2nd stripe

Mike Mucitelli-2nd stripe

Darius Collinson-2nd Stripe

Dave Briest-2nd Stripe



Blue Belt Stripes

Tim Overend-4th Stripe

Scott Fowler-4th stripe

Jusin Fowler-4th stripe

John Astles-4th stripe

John Meckley-4th stripe

Onino “NINO” Viengkham-3rd stripe

Dan McCarthy- 3rd stripe

Tom Barnes-3rd stripe

Sam Micale-3rd Stripe

Kyle Parella-3rd Stripe

Tom Cooney-3rd Stripe

Frank Parella-2nd Stripe

Mike Edwards-2nd Stripe

Kevin Solano-2nd Stripe

Sarah Barnhardt- 2nd  stripe

William Hoff- 2nd  stripe

Josh Eason- 2nd  stripe

Alec Callahan-2nd stripe

Kaitlin Gregory- 2nd stripe

Dan Dantuono-2nd stripe

Jeff Exner – 1st stripe

Chris Richmond -1st stripe

Bailey Sherbourne -1st stripe

Tiffany Hoff -1st stripe

Jim Kearns -1st stripe