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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Tai Kai -NAGA 2017 ALBANY results










This past Saturday, March 4th 2017 was NAGA in Albany. Tai Kai brought a small team to the competition.  Congrats everyone that competed, coached, and went up for support. Here are the results and then enjoy the pics after.



Stephanie Coulson- 1st GI and NO GI

Gerardo Vasquez- 2nd GI

Josh Smith-1st no GI and 2nd GI

Mary Pary- 1st GI and 1st NO GI

Micah Perry -1st GI(KIDS)

Luke Perry- 2nd GI (KIDS)

Ed Abrasley- 1st GI and 1st NO GI

William Burnell- 1st NO GI and 2nd GI(KIDS)

Sam Micale- 1st NO GI

Allison Laraby- 1st NO GI and 2nd GI

Dan Laraby-1st GI

Chloe Raith-2nd NO GI and 2nd GI(Kids)