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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Congrats Tai-Kai- Rochester Art of Combat



On 11/5/2016 Tai Kai went to Rochester for the Art of Combat Tournament. It was a No-Point tournament/Submission only with EBI rules for overtime.  First up was Sam Micale, he won his match by Triangle Choke early onto the match.  Alec Callahan was up next. He competed against a 10th Planet student from Michigan. It was a good match back and forth. Alec eventually lost via foot lock but showed a lot of technique and heart in the match.  It was now Ed Abrasley’s turn. He took his opponent down, passed guard, mounted and eventually finished with a head and arm choke.


Alec then went in the the Open Division. His fist match was against someone that outranked him and outweighed him.  Alec dominated this match eventually finishing with a rear naked choke and getting the win. He lost to the eventual winner in the next round.  Congrats to all the coaches, students, families of Tai Kai. Also Congrats to all the Tai Kai/Balance affiliates that competed: Dojo 1 and Oneonta BJJ. Everyone did great win or lose.