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Rochester Rumble Results for Tai Kai – October 15, 2016











Congrats to everyone that competed. Here are the results. Big congrats to Tom Barnes he put two people to sleep with chokes: one in the GI and one in NO GI

Alec Callahan 2nd in GI and 1st in NO GI

Anthony Carella 1st in GI and 1st in NO GI

Mahfouz Abu-Manneh 1st in GI

Brad Shepard 2nd in NO GI

Tom Barnes 1st in GI and 1st in NO GI

Updated Tai Kai- Blue Belt Requirements








Blue Belt Requirements



Ukemi-Rolls & Falls


Rolls (Front/Back)                                          Falls (Back, Side, Front, Rolling)


Basic Movements/Positions

Base, Shrimp, Bridge, Bridge to Knees, Guard Replacement Roll (Granby Roll)

Transitions: take the mount from side(basic and sit out), Knee on the Belly from side

Mount control (swim, “spiderhands”, Modified mount, take the back, remount)

Guard control (Guard swim, Under/Over hooks, armdrag, take back, punch block series)

Side control (Standard, Kesa,100 Kilos,Reverse Kesa, Basic Knee on Belly, North South)

Clinch Control (Pummel) Gripfighting (Hand/wrist control, armdrag, 2 on 1)

Back Control (Take the back from turtle, Hooks, Seatbelt, Side/side, Flattening out, Remount)


Self Defense

Standing up Properly with and without kick

Front Bear Hug (Arms Over)  into hip throw
Front Bear Hug (Arms Under) framing against face to push off

Double Leg Defense (Knee & Guillotine)

Standing Headlock (Bent Forward )-falling backward into L takedown

Standing Headlock (Bent Forward)-sitting down falling foward

Standing Headlock  with punches defense

Standing Guillotine- Classical reach over and buckle the knee takedown

Standing Guillotine- Bent over(sitting down and throwing over body)

Standing Rear Choke (Posture Broke Back)-taking backwards into trip

Standing Rear Choke(into shoulder throw)

Defense Against Right Hook(step in block,clinch, hip throw)

Defense Against Right Hook step in block into BODYFOLD takedown)

Defense Against Right Hook-ducking under to their back and do L sit takedown

Wrist Grab (Palm Up & Palm Down)
2 Handed Front Choke  (basic-dodging under arms and stepping back)

2 Handed Front Choke ( too strong for first one step in into hip Throw)

2 Handed Wrist Grab -base and pull out arm with other hand

Single Lapel Grab (To Back)finishing with shoulder lock from behind

Rear Bear Hug (Arms In)       -step behind to throw back

Rear Bear Hug (Arms Out)-drop to floor and pull leg up

1 Hand Throat Grab or chest push ( to standing Armlock in  base)

Guard Pull after a a clinch

Punch Block Series (defending punches from guard)

UPA with punches

Taking the Back from Guard- person has forearm against your throat



Mount Escapes

Upa                                                                 Upa (Hand on throat)

Upa (Arm Under Head or In Collar)              Shrimp/Elbow Escape

Foot Over/Foot Under Shrimp Escape           Knees In/Butterfly


Side Escapes

Shrimp                                                             Go to Knees (takedown-or take back)

Bridge Over OPP side

Headlock Escapes(Ground)

Frame Escape (Leg Over)-Leg Choke                                    Hooks Escape

Frame Escape (Leg Over-guy to strong go to knees)     Bridge and Roll

Knee on the Belly

Basic Escape


Back Escape

The Basic                                                        Pass the Arm Over

Wrong-Side Bridge and Elbow Push             Opponents Feet Crossed


Submission (Escapes)

Guard Arm Bar (Stack)                                  Top Arm Bar (Hitchhiker escape)

Guard Guillotine                                             Triangle

 Guard Passes


Closed Guard

Double Underhook

Single Under

Knee Slide Pass

How to open Guard in sitting posture

How to open Guard by standing


Half Guard

Tripod (Mount and Side)                                            Reverse sit out Pass


Butterfly Guard

One Butterfly Pass




Scissor Sweep                                                 Scissor W/Knee Push

Hip Heist                                                         Flower/Pendulum

Butterfly/Hook (Elevator)


Guard-Opponent Stands


Double Ankle                                                  Hook/Tripod Sweep

Sickle Sweep


Half Guard

Guard Replacement

Take The back from half Guard

Put in one hook butterfly sweep



Basic Butterfly Sweep(under armpit one side and over armpit on sweeping side)



Rear Takedown(Sit and Roll)

Osoto Gari

Body Fold

Single Leg (Run the Pipe)

Double Leg (Leg Trip/Cut the Corner)

Inside Leg Trip

Hip Toss
Arm Throw/ Seoi nage

Guard Pull/Sweep

Leg Hook Takedown





Collar Choke Palm Up/ Palm Up                    Collar Choke Palm Up/ Palm Down

Guillotine                                                        Triangle

Arm Triangle                                                   Armbar

Kimura                                                            Telephone

Omoplata                                                        Transition from Armbar/Triangle/Omoplata




Standard Armbar                                            Collar Choke Palm Up/Palm Down

Americana                                                       S-Mount to Armbar

Collar Choke Palm Up/ Palm Up                    Arm Triangle


Side Control


Kimura                                                            Armbar

Americana                                                       Arm Triangle




Rear Naked Choke

Sliding Collar Choke

Single Wing Choke


Knee on the Belly


Basic around the world armbar