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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Two Tournaments in Two Weeks: Congrats Tai Kai Compeitiors










Congrats Tai Kai Competitors and Coaches. Two Tournaments in Two weeks. First up was NAGA Albany and then a week later was Gladius Global Grappling League. I want to first give a BIG thanks to Ben Tallini and Ed Abrasley. They both trained and did class Saturday and then jumped on the road to Coach everyone at the Gladius Tournament. If anyone wants to get them anything I would recommend Taco Bell for Ben and Sushi for Ed(lol)


NAGA Albany 9/17/2016

Ed Abrasley 1st place GI

Ed Abrasley 1st place NO GI

Tim Woods- 2nd Place NO GI

Kelly Woods- 1st place GI

Josh Smith-1st Place GI

Will Burnell Jr.-1st Place kids NO GI


Gladius Global Grappling League 9/24/2016

Ed Abrasley-1st Place GI

Alec Callahan-1st Place GI and 2nd Place NO GI (Advanced)

Brad Shepard-3rd in GI and 2nd place in NO GI

Tom Barnes- 2nd place GI and 1st place NO GI

Ryan Fish- 2nd place GI and 2nd place NO GI

Kyle Warford-2nd place GI

Anthony Carella-3rd in GI and 3rd in NO GI

Mike Bowes- 2nd in GI and 1st in NO GI

Jeff Standish-1st in GI and 1st in NO GI

Dijah Pickle- 3rd Place MENS GI( what heart for Dijah to jump into the men’s division because they were no Women for here to compete against)

Her Weber- He won a match and lost a match. Didn’t place but went out there to compete. CONGRATS

Josh Smith- He went 1-2. He went up a weight class and also this is 2nd week in a row of competing.  Congrats to Josh he is a warrior.