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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Congrats to 8 new Purple Belts and a Bunch of New Stripes-Tai Kai Belt Test 7/12/16










Tai Kai Belt Test -7/12/16

8 people tested for purple belt. The test consisted of 45 minutes of technique requirements( certain sweeps, submissions, escapes, attacks, takedowns,  guard passes , self defense(stand up), and dealing with a live partner trying to hit you from the guard and mount. After this they did 45 minutes of grappling, getting a new partner ever minute and half with no breaks or rest. Once that was done they had do to 50 jumping jacks, 40 pushups, and a minute of burpees. To get a purple belt at Tai Kai you must have the required techniques(technical knowledge), ability to execute them in sparring, and mental toughness. Everyone passed and did awesome. Thanks to everyone from Tai-Kai and all the schools that came to help and give their support. It think there was almost 100 people there. Listed below are our new purple belts and new stripes



Jim Jordan

Neal LaPage

Chris Ruiz

Thomas Garcia

Rich D’Amico

Nick Newcomb

Pat Harrington

Pat Sullivan













Brown Belt Stripes

Ben Taillini – 4 Stripes

Matt Moore- 4 Stripes

Kevin Hotchkiss- 4 Stripes

Chris Roach-3 Stripes

Brody Neville- 3 Stripes

Tamdan McCory-1 Stripe

Matt Martingdale- 1 Stripe

Mike Mucitelli- 1 Stripe

Darius Collinson- 1 Stripe

Dave Briest- 1 Stripe


Purple Belt Stripes

Ed Abrasley- 4 Stripes

Chris Anderson- 4 Stripes

Kevin McDougall-4 Stripes

Brian Kelly- 3 Stripes

Kevin Seaman- 3 Stripes

Nate Musick- 3 Stripes

Shawn Chapa- 3 Stripes

Pat Miller- 3 Stripes

Rob Solano- 3 Stripes

Pat Dwyer- 3 Stripes

Jeff Callahan- 3 Stripes

Matt Thompson- 2 Stipes

Steve Elsenbeck- 2 Stripes

Trevor Pastor- 2 Stripes

Dan Buckley-1 Stripe


Blue Belt Stripes

Josh Blevins- 4 Stripes

John Astles- 3 Stripes

Tim Overend- 3 Stripes

Justin Fowler- 3 Stripes

John Meckley- 3 Stripes

Onino “NINO” Viengkham- 2 Stripes

Dan McCarthy- 2 Stripes

Sarah Barnhardt- 1 Stripe

William Hoff- 1 Stripe

Josh Eason- 1 Stripe








Congrats to the following students who tested for new levels in Muay Thai under Ajarn Kevin Seaman:  Zach Hafner -3rd Level 1st Level – James Strandell, Greg McGrath, Sam Micale, Nicholas Cullen.